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What Can I Do About

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog

Ali asks…I was wondering what is the best approach to dealing with blackheads. What are they and what can we do to keep them at bay. Thanks!
The Right Brain replies:
Ali, there’s really nothing to worry about.Blackheads are just pores on your skin that have a wider than usual opening. And this [...]

The Beauty Brains Blog Blast

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog

Let’s link love again! Visit these sites and them that the Beauty Brains sent you.
The DermBlog has the secret for younger looking skin. And it’s FREE! (Kinda.)
The Makeup Girl tells you where to get the best blow jobs in New York.
VivaWoman asks: Do you have a hairy pit problem?
X-Sparkage is excited [...]

Can You Train Your Hair To Be Less Oily?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog

Mandy’s Musing…Hey Brains!! Great website!! I’m a sucker for healthy hair and methods on keeping it healthy, and I was surfing through the net and found this article: What do you think? Is it possible for hair to get used to not being washed and therefore not producing so much [...]

Will Silicone Build Up On My

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog

Celeste asks…I have found out from this site that all I hear about silicone is not true.  So what else is not true? Do I have to cleanse the silicone from my hair, or will it wear off? Can I use an Aubrey or some such shampoo or cowash?
The Left Brain [...]

Elemental Herbology :: Season Specific Skincare From The UK.

Submitted by Organic Beauty View Blog

How many of us think about our skin as a living, breathing organism that’s constantly in motion, every second of the day? It’s incredibly easy to overlook the fact that our skin changes with the seasons and even easier to ignore that we need a different suite of skincare products [...]

Beauty Brands: Time To Listen Up

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger
There’s just no doubt that more and more women are turning to blogs for beauty advice - and of course, to share valued opinions. For the first time ever, someone is actually listening to product feedback. However, I think there’s been a hidden knock-on effect in the upsurge of skin care [...]

Embryolisse: Cult beauty range

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never even heard of Embryolisse, because it currently has no home in the UK. However, on my trip to IMATS, where Embryolisse had a stand, it was the product causing the biggest buzz amongst beauty bloggers. In fact, Embryolisse is over fifty years old, born in [...]

Bloggers Do Mascara

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger
Have rounded up some of my favourite beauty bloggers for a speed review of’s what they had to say. put Clinique High Lengths Mascara to the test:
I was sent this mascara in the shade Black/Brown - I am assuming this is also available in black and brown, however I am [...]

Dr Russo: Tsk Tsk

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger
Searching across the internet for the elusive Dr Russo, ‘Leading Harley Street Derma Surgeon’, who has had more open and shut clinics than Sherlock Holmes had cases, I’ve found several comments in forums stating that he is leaving a trail of unpaid bills. His flagship Westfield store opened, then closed, apparantly [...]

Meet The Rockstar Walkstar Fitflop

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

I’m a self-confessed Fitflop addict - normal shoes just feel like freaks on my feet, so I’m instantly coveting these ultra-glam limited edition Swarovski Crystal encrusted ones, available only in Harrods. Even the £150 price tag doesn’t put me off (much).

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