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Christmas Beauty Science

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
We all have our favorite memories of the season – Christmas trees, stockings stuffed with gifts, the beauty of a new fallen snow. But nothing says “happy holidays” quite like this study I found on the composition and pharmaceutical activity of chondroitan sulfate obtained from reindeer trachea. That’s right, I said [...]

What Is A Cheaper Alternative to Pureology Conditioner?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
NCFiction needs to know…I have dry curly hair, and the Hydrate line helps make it soft! At 8.5 oz for almost $30 Pureology conditioner is NOT cheap! I’m used to getting conditioner that has three times that for $6! (Aussie Moist.) But my hair was still feeling dry so I am [...]

Sense of Smell Sells More Product

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog

We all like to buy perfumes and lotions and other nicely scented cosmetics. But according to a ScienceDaily, researchers have discovered that adding scent to a product that doesn’t normally have a smell can make it more memorable.
Scent savvy
The combined team of researchers from University of Michigan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, [...]

Happy Christmas And Thank You

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger
Happy tidings to everyone..and a huge thank you so much to all those of you read my blog and those who take time to comment and add your amazing input to the posts. This blog is designed to be an open forum where your views and thoughts are invaluable. Where possible, [...]

Melvita Hydrastim: To The Test

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

I’ve been trialling Melivta Hydrastim Moisturising Gel ahead of the French organic brand’s UK launch. I haven’t used it long enough to say what the long term benefits are but in the short term, I’ve found it perfect as a pre-foundation moisturiser that is light but still hydrating and more importantly, [...]

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette Limited Edition

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

Ok, so don’t tell me I haven’t saved the best till last, as I’ll be taking a break for Christmas very soon! This amazing Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette is limited in the UK to 2000 palettes…not a lot to go around so many beauty lovers. Collaborating with Disney, in [...]

It’s not too late to find that perfect gift!

Save 10% and more on Spa Gifts at mySpaShop-Virtual Spa Boutique

The holiday gift giving season is one of my favorite times of year. Gifts are truly from the heart, given with love and specifically selected for that special someone. These gift selections are some of the favorites I enjoy giving. Whether you have Home Fitness [...]

The Buzz on Burt’s

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Since the time I first saw them for sale in my college bookstore, I’ve admired Burt’s Bees products. Not because the products are better than others (they’re not), but because they have a “homey” feel that just makes me smile when I see them.
Burt’s buzz
Burt’s Bees follows in the footsteps of [...]

Are My Pores

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Anon asks…I have a follow-up question regarding the pore cleansing strips. Although I don’t use them too often AND I follow the directions on the box, I can’t really see the results. I mean, I use them when I think my nose needs it (I can actually see tiny black dots [...]

The Beauty Brains Blog

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Savor these samples from some of our sister beauty and fashion sites. (The the links are good. My attempts at alliteration, not so much.)
Blogdorfgoodman is customizing Christmas with Prescriptives Custom Blend foundations.
Canadian Beauty heralds the arrival of Kenzo Power Cologne.
Frappelattes is fond of Primula Personal Tea Cup Maker.  Check out the [...]

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