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All For Eve

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger
You’re going to get to know these three words pretty well over the coming months: All For Eve is a new brand founded by George Hammer of Urban Retreat fame that raises funds for the significantly underfunded area of gynaecological cancers. Because cancer of the ovaries and other gynaecological areas still [...]

Dior J’Adore Limited Edition Amphora

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

Just in case anyone has recently won the lottery/discovered buried treasure/robbed bank etc, I thought I’d flag up the amazing Amphora from Dior for Selfridges. With only 10 available, the bottles are individually made with an engraved eight point star inspired by mosaic tiling from Christian Dior’s childhood home. The bottle, [...]

Elemis Candles

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

While Elemis is better known for gorgeous skin care, I’ve got to say they are rocking it with their candles this year. I’ve completely fallen for this beautiful little Travel Trio in a silver case (double as a make up bag when the candles are gone) and three fragranced candles in [...]

If You See A Passing Band Wagon

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

…just jump right on it. A few weeks ago I had a press release on a new beauty range from How To Look Good Naked, with products ranging from Eau de Toilette through to body creams and scrubs. This range is sold through Argos. I was about to get a little [...]

What Is Dry Eye?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Four Eyes implores us… Please give me the scoop on “Dry Eye.” I enjoyed your post on eye drop addiction and I was wondering if there’s anything else you can tell me.
The Right Brain obliges:
We’re glad to help, Four! Simply stated, Dry Eye is a condition that occurs when your eye’s [...]

The Beauty Brains Blog Blast

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Here are some links to a few of our favorite beauty blog posts of the week. Enjoy!
All About the Pretty writes a love letter to a jar of pomegranate moisture mask.
Afrobella preaches the pleasures of piticures. (It’s a pedicure for your armpits!)
A Mom In Red High Heels waxes eloquently about red [...]

Bring on Delicious Gourmand Beauty for the Holidays!

Submitted by Organic Beauty View Blog

The holidays are the time of the year when I most enjoy gourmand beauty products. It’s something about the yummy smells wafting from the kitchen and the cold weather outside that brings out my love of spicy & sweet scents. The crave-inducing product that I’m using this season is Sumbody’s Milky Rich [...]

MAC Love Lace & MAC Lillyland

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

MAC fans will love the imagery associated with their upcoming collection, Love Lace. It launches on 26th December in the States. Dusty whites, frosty greys and limited edition marine blue smoky kohls….sounds gorgeous, but it cannot be nearly as flipping fabulous as the Lillyland range - shadows shown above, in collaboration [...]

Embargo Buster

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

Some brands are still trying to tell us how they’d like their product publicised by us and recommended to readers by us, thank you very much. Pointless to invite on-line writers to a launch in November and insist it can’t be spoken about until February 2010. So, hope you’ll all love [...]

Quite Right, Mrs White

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

I love these new ‘Old Soak’ bathing salts from apothecary style bath and body range Mrs White. There’s nothing old fashioned about bathing salts these days, and I swear by a sea salt bath for soothing shopping induced aches and pains. The Mrs White range uses English sea salt and pure [...]

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