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A Mother’s Day Treat :: Natural Beauty For New Moms.

Submitted by Organic Beauty View Blog

While checking out products from vedaPURE’s vedaMAMA line, I realized how excited my own mother would have been to have such amazing natural products back when she was a new mom. What a long way we’ve come! Now more than ever, we appreciate that it’s critical to consider everything that [...]

Beauty Whispers

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

There’s news that Burberry is launching a make up range next year….Lauren Luke of YouTube make over fame has launched her own line in America…and, September brings the launch of an amazing organic skin-care range from Greek brand, Korres.

Rating 3.00 out of 5


They call it eco-friendly; I call it business as usual :: Going without a daily poo… shampoo, that is

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert
Interesting little article from MSBNC regarding this movement of folks who have stopped using shampoo on a daily business. They lean toward people doing it for eco reasons, but ever since I was born, this has been business as usual in my home. For my kids, when they were [...]

Be good to yourself, be good to your hair :: ACT Naturals

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert
from release
There’s no harm in amping up the vibrancy of your locks…as long as you’re doing so with the latest eco-friendly hair color from Advanced Cosmetic Technologies (ACT). Allowing your hair to feel as good as your conscience, ACT does what many other hair colorants only claim to do— [...]

30 Days to a greener you :: 10 Frugally Green Workout Tips

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert

By Linda LaRue
We all agree that we need to do a better job conserving our planet’s limited resources, but where do you begin? Here are 10 simple solutions that will help you get green into your workout routine without much effort at all. These eco-friendly changes are easy [...]

Ojon Batana review by Tracey

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert

by Tracey Patillo
Ojon launched their newest collection dedicated exclusively to bath and body - Tribal Indulgences Batana in March. According to the company, ” the decadent shower gel and body cream contain our highest concentration of Ojon oil for the skin and is formulated without synthetic dyes, parabens or [...]

LUSH recycles oldies but goodies with Retro LUSH Collection

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert
LUSH makes sure to use recycled materials for our packaging and shipping but we also recycle some of our oldies-but-goodies to the RETRO LUSH collection available exclusively online. 
World Piece Bath Bomb ($5.95, RETRO LUSH Collection): Made with Russian pine oil for courage and constancy and American peppermint, a symbol [...]

Shea Terra Organics Lip Butter and discount for OBE readers

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert

Have you tried the new organic shea lip butters from Shea Terra Organics? Now is a great time to try the butters or any other great product they make. From now through May 10th, save 30% off everything on the Shea Terra Organic website. Simply use discount code (ORGANICBEAUTY) [...]

More Ways Women Are Better Than Men

 Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
I wonder why the Beauty Brains never do studies like this.   Here are a few reports that demonstrate some interesting findings about our sense of smell.
Women smell better
Women are better at smelling things than men. Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia conducted a study to see how [...]

Organic Beauty View :: Further - Taking Hand Soap All The Way

by Emma Pezzack
Let’s face it, there are so many amazing organic & natural beauty brands now that I shamefully admit I’m almost a little blase. It takes something unique, inspired, interesting and always with a killer aesthetic to really grab my attention. So when FURTHER Hand Soap passed over my desk, I sat up [...]

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