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How Do I Get Silicone Off My Hair?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Celeste says…I have found out from this site that all I hear about silicone is not true. So what else is not true? Do I have to cleanse the silicone from my hair, or will it wear off? Can I use an Aubrey Organics or some such shampoo or cowash?
The Left [...]

It ain’t easy being green when you’re in the red…

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert
I recently Twittered about this news article I read online about Spokane residents who have to “smuggle in” non-green detergents because of the environmental restrictions the state has dictated. I must admit, for a while I was using 7th Generation dishwasher cleanser and must agree with the smugglers… the [...]

Zeno Mini takes the chemical drama out of ridding your face of pesky pimples

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert

from release
Zeno, the company that makes the world’s most effective, safe and easy-to-use, over-the-counter blemish devices, is promising to banish blemishes from the face of the earth with its newest, most accessible and most effective product to date, the Zeno Mini.  In an FDA-reviewed clinical trial, the technology behind [...]

Desert Pea Australian Skin Care review

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert
Spring is here and for me, that means switching to a cleanser that doesn’t leave a lot of residue behind and a moisturizer that keeps me looking hydrated without feeling greasy. A great line out of Australia does just that… I only wish it were available here in the [...]

Organic Beauty View :: Oliv - New Skincare From The Son Of L’Occitane Founder

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert
Well known for gracing the trays of antipasto everywhere and a regular feature in a vodka martini, the olive has far more illustrious uses than that of sophisticated snack or simple garnish. Olive oil has been used for thousands of years for eating & cooking. And lest no part [...]

Is Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel Marvelous?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Christina’s question: Any comments please on Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel?
The Right Brain’s cup of tea:
Before I can comment I have to answer this question: what IS Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel?
Very Ginvera
Ginvera Marketing Enterprise is a Kuala Lumpur based company that markets over 90 beauty care products in Malaysia [...]

When Fake Is Better Than Real :: The New Self-Tanners.

Submitted by Organic Beauty View Blog

Real is better is generally considered the maxim when it comes to most things, however there is one time in life where faking it is positively au courant – when deciding to get your tan from a bottle, not the sun. There will always be those among us who haven’t [...]

Can You Get Drunk From Your Cosmetics?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
The Right Brain’s rant:
A recent post on toners prompted this comment from one of the Beauty Brains community:
This article completely ignores toner products from natural cosmetic companies like Juice Beauty, Mychelle’s Apple Brightening Mist, Pangea Organics, Terressentials, Grateful Body and others. Some of these are alcohol-free and others have only organic [...]

What’s In Sarah Bellum’s Bathroom? Delirium and Co. Candles!

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Sarah Bellum says:
Here’s the latest product I’ve had the pleasure of trying - the new Blue Absinthe candle from Delirium & Co.
Who the heck is Delirium & Co.? I had no idea either until I read the press release:
Delirium & Co. was created by the founder of the Candle Delirium store [...]

A Psoriasis Solution from Pisces?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Mid Brain muses:
Something smells fishy here…oh wait, it’s just my new lotion.
According to, researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have discovered that a specific fish enzyme, known as zonase, can be good for your skin because of the way they can break down dead skin cells [...]

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