LUSH launches campaign to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt :: First Swim Bubble Bar

By admin | March 31, 2009

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With Canada’s controversial seal slaughter about to resume, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, in conjunction with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has launched a hard-hitting campaign to protect these important marine animals.

LUSH created a new bubble bar in the shape of a baby seal especially for the campaign.  Called ‘First Swim’ because many baby seals are slaughtered so young they haven’t even had a chance to go into the water, 100 percent of the proceeds of the bubble bar are going to Sea Shepherd who directly intervene on the high seas to stop sealers from killing baby harp seals. The limited edition First Swim Bubble Bar retails for $5.95.

Dominating the window of most of LUSH’s North American stores will be a giant picture of a seal with the words ‘End Canada’s License to Kill’ splattered in red paint. LUSH shop staff will give customers information about the plight of seals and urge them to put pressure on the government by signing postcards that LUSH will be sending directly to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“As a business that cares about animals and the environment we are ashamed that the blood continues to flow on the ice of Eastern Canada,” said Mark Wolverton, North American CEO of LUSH Cosmetics.  “Clubbing and shooting baby seals for their fur is cruelty to animals, plain and simple, and LUSH Cosmetics wants to see it stopped.”

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