John Masters Organics Shine On reviews

By admin | March 31, 2009

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert

Shine_on Talk about a long time to review a product! For some reason this keeps falling off my radar… maybe it’s because I don’t want anyone else to know just how freaking’ awesome this product is!

Product reviewed:
John Masters Organic Shine On, 4 oz, $30
Number of times used: more than 20
Overall: does what it claims and is most excellent; a little dab will def do ya!

I’ve got dreads and it’s fairly often that my locs feel and look dry. I’ve tried numerous products and while they may initially work, more often than not, the amount of product used to get the feel I want, makes it so not worthwhile. So when I got this little jar of product, my first thought was, “uh, this is gonna last about five minutes.”

How wrong was I! One little scoop is more than enough to soften my entire head for days. In fact, I use it intermittently for my locs, my daughter’s two-strand twists and my son’s curls. While it looks like a gel, it doesn’t act like a gel, so don’t be fooled. The job is to make your hair feel soft and offer some level of manageability. It does it in spades!

There’s no heavy overlying scent, just natural ingredients that offer softness and shine for your hair. This is perfect for ethnic hair, curly hair and locs. It’s a must for your hair regimen staples.

Buy it online at the John Masters Organic website and benefit from FREE gound shipping in the 48 lower.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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