Filles des Iles :: The perfect scent for your sexy spring

By admin | March 31, 2009

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert

Woman_scent 2009 is definitely the year of being a woman. I mean, a feminine, sexy, sultry kitty kat who is ├╝ber aware of her ability to charm and beguile. Forget the power suits and the need to “act like a man.” A little cleavage with faux pearls and a smile work so much better at getting what you need.

It’s Saturday night and you’re out with your girlfriend, perhaps a little cougar on the hunt action or just a night on the town, feeling at ease with yourself and your womanhood. Nothing makes the night a success like a scent that wraps your body like a pure silk kimono. For those kind of nights, there’s nothing that will complete your outfit like Fille des Iles’ Floral Sensual Roll On.

Why roll on versus the spray? We know you’re a woman. The delicate laceiness of your push-up bra and arched brows set the stage. The mystery of a woman lies in her ability to offer a hint of scent. A whiff of aromatic sensuality as you brush by… whomever catches your eye.

Are you going to meet your lover? Be sure to roll Filles des Iles Floral Exotique through your hair… on your ankles… your inner thighs… the nape of your neck…. behind your ear. You’re a woman… you know how to work it!

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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