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No bailout for indie beauty companies, just hard work and dedication: FDA Globalization Bill of 2009

Submitted by The Organic Beauty Expert      
For the last three weeks I’ve been trying to formulate my 2009 introduction post; I’m on my last day! And here in my inbox was an email from Essential Wholesale with this wonderful news about the FDA Globalization Act. As I watch the world turn lately, with the socialist we [...]

Talent and the Brain

Submitted by Pool Shooter Blog
For the last several months I have been reading and considering the revelations in two books that have nothing to do with pool. But after reading them, it’s clear that they can be a major benefit to my pool game. The books are “Talent is Overrated” and “The Brain That Changes [...]

Top 5 Reasons Skin Care Products Stop Working

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Deetopia…I’m always curious about this. Few days ago, my friend was complaining that she needs to change her skincares since it’s no longer working on her skin. It made me curious. Can skincare actually stop working? Can our skin become immune to the skincare we use? Is that possible?

The Right Brain [...]

Laptop = Tantop?

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

I’m thinking maybe it’s an early April fool, but there’s talk of a new technology that allows your laptop (or computer) to emit tanning rays……I won’t even go into the debate of whether this is a crazy bad or crazy good idea until I know it’s not a joke…..!

Rating 3.00 out [...]

Magnifique Genifique

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

Ok, so Paris was a blast…meeting other European bloggers was very, very cool, and while this blog isn’t about breathless accounts of free stuff and swanky trips, there are definite upsides to making the effort to go to these events. In particular, a bird’s eye view on the passion and enthusiasm [...]

Chic Clicks: The Best Of This Weeks Beauty Blogs

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Once again it’s time for us to share our favorite links of the week. Beauty, fashion, and the iPhone - seriously, does it get ANY better than this?

SheFinds found five fabulous (and practical) fingerless and abbreviated- finger gloves for all the iPhone users among us. found great Valentine’s Day gifts [...]

The Beauty Of Nature :: Rachel Goodwin’s Tips For Glow.

Submitted by Organic Beauty View Blog

It’s the point in the year when my skin just couldn’t get any paler and I regularly enlist the blush, highlighter and bronzer in my makeup bag to bring me back to life. Still, all the tropical tones in Sephora won’t help if you’re working with dry, flaky skin. Here’s [...]

Embracing Your Outer Goddess :: Green, Glam & Sexy!

Submitted by Organic Beauty View Blog
Never mind all the talk about channeling your inner goddess, how about embracing your outer goddess & letting her run rampant! Every girl needs a little glamour, not to mention an occasion to display that gorgeousness, but even if your invitations to Oscar parties & fabulous events are sadly lacking, [...]

Teraracotta: Guerlain Spring/Summer 09

Submitted by British Beauty Blogger

Guerlain’s Spring/Summer 09 cosmetic range is one of the best I’ve seen this year - it’s quite simply stunning. Stand out items from the launch include three High Shine Soothing Lip Balms in earthy nude tones that will look gorgeous on anyone, regardless of skin tone, the Tiare flower scented Soothing [...]

The Beauty of Skepticism

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog

A primary goal of the Beauty Brains is to teach you to recognize marketing hype and nonsense in the beauty business. It is our hope that after being part of the Beauty Brains community for a while, you should be able to figure out for yourself what products are worth spending [...]

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