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Best of the Beauty Brains 2008

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It’s the year’s end and time for a look back at some of our favorite posts from 2008. Categorized for your convenience.
We generated some heated discussions with talk about breast milk soap, Preparation H for puffy eyes, and boob sweat?
1. What’s the difference between alpha & beta hydroxyl acid?
2. Does chocolate [...]

Should You Get LED Therapy From A Salon?

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Mary Muses..Mine is not a cosmetic questions as I know there are no cremes that will actually firm sagging skin. I want to know if LED light therapy works on reducing wrinkles and stimulating collagen growth as some spas claim. Also I want to know if the Titan skin tightening procedure [...]

Are Beauty Product Reviews Reliable?

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Recently, beauty review site TotalBeauty blogged about the worst face moisturizers Unfortunately, they based their list strictly on member ratings & comments.  They don’t even consider ingredients, objective performance, and price/value.
Here are 6 reasons why ratings based on personal product reviews are practically worthless.
6 Reasons to Remain Skeptical of Reviews
1. Is [...]

Beauty Science or BS Poll 35 - Discovered in 2008

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
It seems like a perfect time for an end-of-the-year Beauty Science poll that looks at new things scientists discovered in 2008. All of these are real discoveries from 2008, except one. Can you find the FAKE discovery of 2008?
Head on over to the right column of the Beauty Brains and enter [...]

ChapStick True Shimmer Shines for Sarah

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Hey Girls
The Beauty Brains recent story about lip balm prompted Wyeth to send samples of their latest product, ChapStick True Shimmer.  I was picked to try them out.
They come in some yummy flavors like Botanical Berry and Tropical.
Initial Reactions
First thing I loved about these lip balms were the fabulous fragrances. Tropical [...]

A Hair Raising Christmas Experience

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
In keeping with the holiday spirit, today’s Beauty Brains post is about Christmas hair. What is “Christmas hair,” you ask? For Mark Davis, a Wales bus driver, Christmas hair means dying your hair red, shaving it into a holly design, and then having a small fir Christmas tree woven into [...]

Are ELF Cosmetics As Good as Expensive Brands?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
L. Cederkin Writes…What do you think about e.l.f. Cosmetics? They claim to use the same formulations as “name brand” products but because they don’t charge for marketing and packaging so their products are a lot cheaper.
The Right Brain Writes Back:
For those of you not familiar with e.l.f, it is NOT a [...]

10 Things To Do With Cut Hair Instead Of Putting It In A Landfill

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The Beauty Brains are taking the day off.  Enjoy this blast from the past post.
You know when you get your hair cut and there’s just a pile of it left on the floor. Did you ever wonder what happens to it? In most cases, it’s just thrown in the trash [...]

Beauty Science or BS Poll 34 Answers – Funny Molecules

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Finally, answers to the latest Beauty Science quiz. This one fooled most everyone. Read on to find which compounds were real and which was a complete fabrication.
Sexithiophene - REAL
This one fooled almost no one receiving only 3% of the total votes cast. Sexithiophene is a real molecule

being studied for use as [...]

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
When we’re not answering questions, we here at the Beauty Brains read press releases, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, blogs, and just generally Internet surf to find the latest news in the world of cosmetics. A recent story about Burger King launching a fragrance inspired this post about 10 strange fragrances.

10 Weird [...]

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