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30Win More Than a Million Dollars For a Chemical Free Product

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
This one will make the Left Brain chuckle. 
Do you remember when the Beauty Brains wrote about the myth of chemical free cosmetics?   Well, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has gotten into the act.  They are so annoyed by the misappropriation of the word “chemical” that they are offering [...]

Chic Clicks: The Best Of This Weeks Beauty Blogs

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Recycled wrappings and led lights keep girlawhirl’s holiday prep green and clean.
SeenON! shows you great gifts for $50 and under at the SeenON! Boutique!
Check out trendy boots in SheZoom’s foot fashion feature.
Smarter Fashion shows us some great options for holiday dresses.
Just in time to save money for the holidays,The Beauty Brains [...]

November 28 Black Friday Beauty Brains Sale

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Hey Gals,
Sarah Bellum here.  Just wanted to let you in on this one day Beauty Brains book special.  For today only, you can get the Beauty Brains book for only $19.99.  That’s a $5 savings and still includes FREE SHIPPING.
Since those other Brains aren’t here, I’m going to empty out our [...]

Beauty Science or BS Thanksgiving Poll 32 - Answers

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.The rest of the Beauty Brains are taking some time off but I’m toiling away trying to get the blog ready for the holiday weekend. Here are the answers to last week’s Thanksgiving themed Beauty Science poll. The results were fairly even but most failed to identify the [...]

Is There An Alternative to SkinCeuticals Products?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
D asks…As part of an anti-acne regimen, both my dermatologist and aesthetician recommended I start using the SkinCeuticals spray toner and Hydratin B5 Gel. I’m getting great results, but am not thrilled with the price of the moisturizer. Yes, it is concentrated and lasts a long time, but at $45/oz on [...]

Can Avon Anew Clincal Reduce or Eliminate Your Spider Veins

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
D asks…I’ve heard that Avon is claiming that this product will reduce or eliminate spider veins–sounds too good to be true–do you have any information on it?
Left Brain looks into it:
Avon Anew Clinical Spider Vein Therapy is a good illustration of the power of cosmetic marketing and advertising.  Somehow you got [...]

Does Curly Hair Need Special Ingredients?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Mary Muses…Hi, I have a couple questions:
1) I’ve heard that there are certain ingredients in shampoos that can be too harsh for curly hair (which tends to be drier) and so should be avoided. Is there much truth to this?
2) I often see articles in magazines that claim that you can [...]

You’re Not Still Buying Expensive Skin Care Products Are You?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Dee Dee says…Alright, just tell us flat out, what are the best anti-aging products for the skin?
Left Brain gets coy:
Dee Dee, if we knew the best anti-aging product for everyone, we could make millions. Unfortunately, there is no formula that works best for all people. But there is one thing we [...]

Foreskin For a Wrinkle-Free Face?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Mid Brain reports…
I doubt this new anti-aging treatment will be embraced by a liberal leaning, outspoken, anti-circumcision advocate like Left Brain, but some people may give it a go.
According to one biomedical company from the UK, injections of donated human foreskins could provide permanent rejuvenation of damaged skin cells.  This would [...]

Does Heat Protection Help Hair

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Another Anon Asks…Hey, I just discovered this site and I consider it to be really interesting, so I just wanted to know, is it really true that heat activated/thermo protector products actually protect hair from heat? PS: I love this site keep up the good work!
The Right Brain Blushes:
Thanks for being [...]

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