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The Science Behind Kate Hudson’s Volcanic New Hair Care Line

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Mid Brain muses:
For those of you who are over the Olympics and done with the Democrats, here’s a much more important piece of news that you should be contemplating: Kate Hudson is being sued over her new “green” hair care line. Gasp!!!!
Concerned for K-Hud
You can follow the link above to read [...]

La Prairie Platinum: The Most Over-Priced Skin Cream In The World

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Kristen’s curious: I just read about La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. It is currently the most expensive skin cream on the planet at $1,000 for 1.5 ounces and is infused with Platinum. So Beauty Brains- what’s the REAL deal with this face cream?
The Right Brain responds:

The real deal is that [...]

Do Lush Products Contain Safe Synthetic Ingredients?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Heather Hopes the Brains Can Help. Hi there. I’m a big fan of Lush products and the company’s responsible philosophy, but I have to wonder what exactly do they mean by “safe synthetics”? Are they non-toxic to humans, the environment, both? I’ve found conflicting information about the toxicity of ingredients like [...]

Can Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Really Reshape Your Hair?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Sofie searches for science: Thanks for running this blog and speaking so clearly about cosmetic chemistry! Having been here for a while, I thought to de-lurk and ask a question. While doing some research and looking around to figure out a better way to take care of my rather coarse, frizzy, [...]

Is Coffee Good For Coloring Hair?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Fiona’s fear: I use Pantene’s Brunette range of shampoos to maintain my dyed brown hair. This is met with huge scorn by my mother in law who insists that nothing is more effective at maintaining glossy brown hair than rinsing it with an espresso or two once a week. Is coffee [...]

Breast Surgery Research Source

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
As the years go by and medical techniques continue to improve, people seem to forget all about the risks involved. Thousands of women are outfitted with breast implants every day, and with statistics like that it’s easy to downplay the procedure’s intensity, but the fact is that it is invasive [...]

Vending Machine Vanity

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Hey everyone! Sarah Bellum here doing a little mobile blogging from the mall. Look what I just saw - a vending machine that sells Proactiv acne products! That just made me wonder, have any of you in the Beauty Brains community ever bought beauty products out of a machine? You can [...]

Beauty Science or BS - Poll 30 Answers

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
It looks like this one was a bit too easy for the Beauty Brains community.  Or maybe you’re just getting much smarter.  Over 40% of you picked the right answer in this poll which is quite impressive.  Let’s see what the real stories are.
1. Older men are happier than older women [...]

Is Man Junk Initimate Wash The Ultimate Crotch Cleanser?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Sarah Bellum says:
According to, you can now buy an intimate hygiene product for the special guy in your life. To which I reply: Ewwwwww!
Feminine hygiene
In the past I’ve written about all sorts of cosmetic science advances for our dainty pubular regions. There’s the Bikini Kitty intimate shaving system to keep [...]

Chic Clicks: The Best Of This Weeks Beauty Blogs

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Top Button knows the secret to abolishing your tiger-striped faux tan. Goodbye kitty cat, hello bronzed goddess! shops fall’s new borrowed from the boys trend.
Smarter Fashion shows us how to get a Derek Lam Resort 2009 look for less!
SheFinds is surprised to find out that butt-sculpting FitFlops are not at the [...]

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