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Can Shellfish Smooth Skin?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Mid Brain muses:
Recent research published in the scientific journal Lipids indicates that extracts from certain clams and mussels may be a new weapon in the fight for beautiful skin. Scientists at the Romanian University of Constanza, obtained lipid extractions from the two organisms and showed that both were able to [...]

The Truth About Skin Toners

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Glitterati gushes: My facialist told me that toners are important because they re-balance the pH of the skin after cleansing. I could see that cleansers might be slightly basic, but will the toner really re-balance that? I like toners anyway for the astringent properties you mention, so I’d continue using them [...]

Are You Bothered By Boob Sweat?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Agent 23 asks: I hate under-boob sweat. It annoys me to no end. Plus it’s not like I can avoid it when I exercise. While sweat from everywhere else on my body evaporates within minutes, underboob sweat just sits there. I know I have the option of showering immediately after working [...]

3 Ways To Protect Your Hair From Heat

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Cristy’s question: Is it beneficial to use a heat protector on my hair when using a hair dryer and flat iron vs not using anything?
The Right Brain’s heated reply:
Heat protection IS important for your hair, Cristy, because heat is bad for your hair. But that’s not exactly a news flash now [...]

Can Coconut Oil Grow Your Hair Long?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Shiney Says: Can coconut oil grow my hair long?
Mid Brain’s slick reply:
The Beauty Brains previously wrote that coconut oil was one of the few oils that could actually penetrate hair and provide great conditioning. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to help your hair grow longer. Except for a few approved [...]

What You Can Do About Greasy Hair

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Becky begs for help: What shampoo is good for a little kid with very greasy hair? My daughter, who’s five years old, gets very greasy hair over the course of the day. I wash it every morning, but by late in the afternoon it’s so greasy and smelly that I have [...]

Chic Clicks: The Best Of This Weeks Beauty Blogs

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
The editors share their no-fail go-to signature looks of the season and want you to share yours for a chance to win a chic shopping spree!
Top Button is wild over Marc Jacob’s heavenly new scents, Fig and Gardenia.
You don’t have to carry around a typical backpack! Smarter Fashion showed us [...]

How to care for your dry skin and breakouts

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Olivia Says: My face is starting to look really bad, it’s dry, and I’m breaking out badly on my cheeks and forehead. What type of cleanser should I use? (I’ve heard that plain soap dries out your skin.) Also, what kind of facial mask should I use?
The Right Beauty Brain Replies:
It [...]

July23The 10 Strangest Ingredients Used in Cosmetics

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
This article about a cosmetic science program for kids at the Boston Museum of Science reminded me of all the other odd source of raw materials used in cosmetics. So, here are what the Beauty Brains think are some of the strangest ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products.
Top 10 [...]

Epicuren Skin Care: Collagen Cure or Quackery?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
MacKenzie’s curious about Epicuren: Do Epicuren products really improve skin? They claim that the high amount of collagen (it is one of the first ingredients) is what sets it apart from other products. I would like an opinion from someone with a chemistry background.
The Left Brain responds:
I think Epicuren [...]

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