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Millionth Visitor Beauty Brains Book Winner

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
A couple of weeks ago we ran the Millionth Beauty Brains Visitor contest which only required people to sign up for the Beauty Brains to be eligible.
Today, we can finally announce the winner of her very own copy of the Beauty Brains book.
Congratulations to Beauty Brains member Dorian. She was randomly [...]

29Beauty Brains Belief - Logical Does Not Mean True

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Part of our mission on the Beauty Brains is teaching people to think and analyze things using the scientific method. We don’t expect you to become scientists, but you’ll make better buying decisions, save money and find products that really work if you think like one. With that goal in mind, [...]

Should You Mix Lush Shampoo With Onion Juice?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Nicole’s lost on Lush: I received a solid shampoo by Lush (Godiva, to be exact) as a gift and decided to put it to use. Within days of starting this new shampoo, I noticed an increase in hair loss! I’ve since stopped using this solid shampoo and my hair loss has [...]

Memorial Day Is For Red Poppies and Remembrance

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog

Today is Memorial Day in the US. We hope everyone’s having a good long weekend but we also hope you remember that the original intent of this holiday is honor those who have died in wars. You have our condolences if you lost anyone in your families in this tragic way.
What [...]

Who Wants To Get Wet n Wild? (Eyeliner, That Is!)

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Sophia’s eyeliner inquiry: How do they get the colors for liquid eyeliner? Are there bacteria in Wet n Wild eyeliner? Are there bacteria in colored eyeliner? What colors would have more bacteria or would it get moldy? Does the sun affect the different colors to have bacteria because of the reflection? [...]

24Beauty Science or BS Poll 27 - Fake Hair Facts

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
There’s a new Beauty Brains poll. This one is a little different than usual. We’ve given you 8 things that we’ve heard about hair and hair care, but only one of them is TRUE.
Are you brainy enough to figure out which of these 8 statements is the only one that is [...]

The Beauty of Beer

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Lena loves lager: I love your site. Thanks for giving intelligent and scientifically sound beauty advice, something that seems to be woefully scarce. So here’s my question: I have heard about people using flat beer as a rinse for their hair, and also I’ve seen shampoo from Lush with beer as [...]

How Getting Naked Can Save Your Life

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Sarah Bellum says:
I couldn’t resist passing on this potentially life saving skin care tip: According to ScienceDaily, new research shows that couples who examine each other’s skin on a regular basis could lower their risk of dying from malignant melanoma by almost 60%!
Aside from being a good reason to get [...]

May21Are Natural Cleansers Better For Your Hair?

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
Starrynight wants to know: I read in Marie Claire that shampoos formulated with natural cleansers like Aveda, Phyto and Ojon are better for your hair than other brands. What do you say about that?
The Right Brain responds:
Here’s a quote from the article Starry mentions…
“All shampoos contain cleansers,” explains Christyn Nawrot, a [...]

How To Make DIY Cosmetics With Vitamin C

Submitted by Beauty Brains Blog
DesignerGrl’s dilemma: I know that vitamin C is unstable in cosmetics, and that stable sources are very expensive. So I was wondering: I have Citric Acid in my spice collection — I use it to make Mozzarella. Could I sprinkle a little into a dab of my moisturizer before applying it? [...]

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