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Is Clinique Careful About Their Packaging?

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
Kimmi is careful: Is it true that tub-style skincare packaging can become contaminated with bacteria? If so, then why don’t more companies package their products in tubes or bottles?

The Right Brain responds:
Yes Kimmi, it’s true that any product packed in a tub is more prone to bacterial contamination. To a [...]

More Trouble for Jan Marini

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
After having their eyelash product seized by federal marshals in the US, Jan Marini now has European agencies to worry about. According to this story, the company is now under investigation by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK. Apparently, they are still selling some of [...]

Scientists Discover Why We Wear High Heels

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog reports that scientists may have found the formula for having perfect legs: they need to be long in proportion to your torso, but not too long.
Lusty looks for longer legs In this study, researchers at Wroclaw University in Poland had male and female subjects [...]

3 Reasons To Not Recycle Lipsticks

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
Sandie’s sticky question: Has anyone tried making a new lipstick out of the end bits of old ones? There is always quite a lot left inside the case and I have about 25 almost empty lipsticks that I keep meaning to do something with. Just not sure how to go [...]

Do You Need Nioxin For Thinning Hair?

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
Gail’s guard is up: My hairdresser assured me that Nioxin would make my thin, fine hair stop falling out so much and appear thicker. So far it just seems finer and thinner. (She insists that I need to use the Therapy conditioner as well as the shampoo.) What do you [...]

How Pricey Products Baffle Your Brain

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
The Beauty Brains are often asked if expensive beauty products are worth the money. We’ve blogged about high priced hair lines like Alterna and Kerastase as well as prestige skin care products like IS Clinical and Cor, the worlds most expensive soap.
Cost [...]

Chick Clicks 1/18/08: The Best Of This Week’s Beauty Blogs

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
Splendid amorette top is just what Girlawhirl wants right now.
SheFinds wonders why anyone would pay $100,000 to lengthen their legs when a great pair of heels costs so much less.
Smarter Fashion Blog is craving suede. DKNY hobos (on sale!) come to the rescue.
Find your perfect bra with’s wear-tested Ultimate [...]

Should You Buy Lush Massage Bars Instead of Lotion?

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
Theresa’s talking: Lately I’ve noticed a trend toward solid skin lotion bars. I saw it first with Lush (mmmm, Lush) but now I see other boutique brands that offer them, like Soap Lady. Are these solid bars as good as a regular lotion?

The Right Brain Responds:
The most difficult part of [...]

Put Antibacterial Lotions To The Stress Test

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
According to a study published in the November issue of the Journal Clinical Investigation, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have discovered the link between stress and skin infections. Their theory goes something like this:
How stress effects skin
Psychological stress causes your body to increase production of [...]

Does The Beurer Softlaser Really Help Wrinkles?

Submitted by The Beauty Brains Blog
Hoyun at the Popculture Blog asks: What do you think of home laser treatment devices? Do they work?
The Right Brain responds:
Thanks for the question, Hoyun. We’re big fans of your blog and we saw your recent post on the Vitalmed Softlaser Wand for do-it-yourself laser skin treatments. Here’s what we [...]

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