Lahens Viarr Lip Gloss Review

By admin | January 31, 2008

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Sarah Bellum Says:

I was lucky enough to sample a lip stick and lip gloss from Lahens Viarr and while I have to admit that I had never heard of this brand before, it may just be my new favorite combo.

beauty-secrets34.jpg Getting glossy

First I tried Viarr’s Brown Sugar lip gloss. I’m particularly picky about lip gloss packaging and this one met my high personal standards. It has a sponge type applicator that spread the product easily. I do wish it was a bit fluffier so it would hold more product because I had to dip it too many times, but overall it applied very nicely.

I liked the gloss itself because it’s smooth but not messy. It was easy to control so it sticks to my lips and doesn’t smear on the sides of my mouth. And I LOVED the color looking at the bottle even though it seemed a bit too orangey. But once I put it on, I loved it even more. It has a very light shimmer which I really like and it keeps my lips moisturized which is important to me. In fact those are the two things I feel are most imporant: moisturizing as well as nice color. I loved the scent too but the taste is a bit perfumey. It’s a little bit sticky when kissing but that’s a good trade off. Oh, and I really like the design on the collar of the tube, like a black ring around the top.

Savory stick

Next I used their Petal lipstick. Again I was thrilled with the results. I’m not as critical of lipstick because I don’t wear it alone, I always put a gloss on top. I like that Lahens’ product provided a nice even base that I could add shimmer and glossiness to with a lip gloss. These two worked very well together even though they’re not the exact same color.

If you’re looking for a well balanced lip products, Lahens Viarr offers great products at very reasonable prices.


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Rating 3.00 out of 5

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