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By admin | January 29, 2008

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beauty-secrets29.jpg I think of make-up I rarely think of my legs, but on occasion when wearing a short dress I have wished for a product to make my legs look more attractive. Pretty Polly, a UK based legwear brand, has come out with a new line of make-up made especially for the legs that hopes to do just that. From this make-up line, named Love Legs, I received the Bronzed Leg Gloss and Moisturizing Leg Shimmer.

Leg gloss

For a night on the town, I chose the leg gloss, which comes in a deodorant-style twist-up stick. The stick is ridiculously easy to apply, and with a slight blending comes out streak free. It is also, thankfully, not sticky provided you let it settle into your skin while getting ready. The color was lovely and subtle, and didn’t come off on my dress.

Feisty fragrance

While I enjoyed the look of the product, the fragrance nearly knocked me off my feet. This product is not for the fragrance sensitive. Were it not for the bronzer, one might think the product was meant to be a fragrance balm. The smell was not unpleasant, but it felt more matronly than the packaging suggests. The scent is very mature; it is reminiscent of the perfume I took from my mother’s vanity as a child. As such, if you are looking for a young, flirty product– this scent may turn you off.

Leg shimmer

The following day, I found myself disappointed in the lack of moisture found in the ‘moisturizing’ leg shimmer. The shimmer was attractive, but my legs were noticeably dry. If you use this product, you will want to apply a generous about of an unscented lotion beforehand. The fragrance seemed less concentrated in this product, which was a relief, but it was still very noticeable and lingered for the rest of the day.

beauty-secrets30.jpg Dab on décolletage

I enjoyed the understated sheen of this product, but when used alone I don’t think it would be very effective at night. Taking this into consideration, I applied both the gloss and shimmer on my legs and décolletage for a night of drinks with friends. The effect was a little overpowering, but the results looked great! My friends told me I looked like I had gone on a vacation, and I found that the leg makeup works just as well all over the body. I was also getting compliments on my ‘perfume’ from complete strangers. I had chosen to forgo perfume because the products fragrance is so overwhelming, but it seems the fragrance was a hit.

A helpful solution

If you have sensitivity or are adverse to fragrance, these products are probably not for you. If you wear dresses but hate stockings, Pretty Polly’s leg make-up is a helpful solution. The shimmer lotion is average, but the leg gloss was very impressive. At £1.49 to £8 for the items in this collection it is worth the price, and if you can appreciate the fragrance you will save money on perfume!

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Rating 3.00 out of 5

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