Advice for Aveeno: Oats May Be Awful For Baby Skin

By admin | January 29, 2008

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We’ve blogged before about the soothing power of oat extract and Aveeno has positioned an entire brand around oat protein, so it MUST be good for your skin, right? For adults yes, but maybe not for babies.

beauty-secrets31.jpg A recent article in the Dermatology Times (which is always on my nightstand right next to Cosmo) reveals that children with sensitive skin may be allergic to the oat proteins used in skin products. French researchers worked with over 300 eczema patients at the Hopital Pellegrin-Enfants in Bordeaux, and found that almost a third of the kids (between 4 months and 15 years) were sensitive to oat proteins. Apparently, repeated use of skin lotions with oat derivatives can sensitize the skin and cause future allergic reactions. The researchers recommend that you do not use these products on children less than 2 years old. Ok people, let’s check our baby lotions for oats right now.

Do you or your kids have any strange skin allergies? Leave a comment and share your stories with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.

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