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Eva Longoria’s Secrets to Beauty

In the current issue of Parade Magazine, the always beautiful Eva Longoria gave a lot of credit to her exercise regimen and emotional health for her world class beauty. Like many hollywood beauties, she’s also a fan of regular facials and moisturizers to keep her skin looking beautiful.
“But it’s diet. It’s exercise. It’s maintenance. It’s checkups. It’s [...]

Beauty Tips from Paris

That’s Paris Hilton for you Paris fans. Paris recently gave an interview with Make Up and Beauty Blog that we found entertaining.
Copyright Credit: Makeup and Beauty Blog
Paris says:
1. Wear a scent that means something to you.
2. Rock the lipgloss.
3. Get the glowy look with weekly facials and Kate Somerville products.
4. Plan ahead never hurts, especially [...]

A Diet Tip for All

Did you ever read a list of diet tips and want to throw up? They all focus in on the positive. Tips include drink a lot of water. Another tip you see often is replace a candy bar with an apple. Oh yeah, like that really works when you’re in the mood for 3 pounds [...]

Your Face Loves Steam

For those of you girls and guys reading this blog who have had a facial, you know that one of the first things a trained esthetician will do is to steam your face. In fact, facial steaming is recommended once a week to keep your skin glowing and healthy. There are a number of benefits to [...]

Beauty Tips that Work

I saw this post about quick and easy beauty tips that seems to make sense. Nothing elaborate, just things that seem to work and are very easy to incorporate into a busy schedule.
Here’s my favorite:

When applying eye shadow, use a lighter color on the inside corner of the eyelid and darker colors as you work [...]

Pay Attention to Your Eyes Because You Can’t Hide Them

For your eyes only. Yes ladies, one of the first things that man that you’re trying to bring into your world notices is your eyes. Not your boobs or your legs or the curve of your buttocks but your eyes.
If you’re young, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles or any signs of aging. However, [...]

Terri Dwyer’s Secret

Terri Dwyer, the host of the 60 minute makeover recently revealed her beauty secrets. She said something which is a well known secret among some of the world’s top beauties.

I change my face regime every six months because I think skin gets used to the same products.

She also revealed Rocc Hydra + Day Cream, MAC [...]